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Volunteer ANY TIME!

We want everyone to get involved!

Whether you drop by for the day with your youth group or only have a few hours to get away from your busy schedule, we can find a job that is suitable for you because any help HELPS.

Wondering what we might have you do? It could be anything from painting walls to organizing canned food or donated clothing.

Can’t get away from the house? We have things for you to do to. Gather those old clothes your husband can’t fit into anymore. Start a food drive, a coin drive, even a hygiene drive.

From the top of a man’s head to the sole of his feet, we can use it.

If you have an idea you wish to share, contact us; we’d love to hear what next big thing you have in store for the ministry. We don’t take lightly the help people send our way; we need your help even if it is as simple as praying daily for the ministry to keep seeing souls saved for Christ.

Wanna Volunteer?
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Want to Help Meet Physical Needs?

We are daily striving with God’s help to meet the needs of the men that walk through the door at our mission– and though we need your prayers desperately, we also need those who are willing to answer those prayers.

We do have several, large renovations and financial needs that need help being met, yet we cannot continue the operations of the ministry without the daily things we use, such as:

  1. Styrofoam 9in plates and 8oz cups
  2. Bar Soap and Toilet paper
  3. Men’s Razors

These are the physical needs of the mission that seem to disappear as soon as we receive them. But we also can use:

  1. All Types of Canned Vegetables(#10 cans) Meats, Fresh Produce
  2. Men’s Underwear, Socks, Work Clothing and Blue Jeans
  3. Laundry & Dish Soap / Cleaning Products
  4. Men’s Deodorant, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
  5. OTC Pain medicine/Digestion medicine/antiitch creams/anitibiotic cream/foot powder

Thank you for all your prayers and help in this ministry!

Ways you can “Get Involved”

1. PRAY for faithful and increased support

2. Invite us to present the ministry at your local church or business.

3. Invite friends and business acquaintances to our free bi-monthly luncheon.

The Mission is working together with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), TB Task Force & Fulton County Health department for the prevention, control and treatment of TB in Atlanta. We wish to ensure your safety and desire to warn you ahead of time it is strongly recommended by the State Health Department to not bring children five years of age and younger to any homeless facilities.

Georgia News stated in its latest article, “Health officials said over the past four years, Fulton County had the lowest number of TB cases in the country. On average there were two to three cases per month. ‘If a person is infected with TB bacteria, they inhale it from another person and they become infected. The bacteria sets up in a person’s body. Ninety-five percent of the time, a person will not get ill. The bacteria will remain dormant. That person will live the rest of their life,’ said VanderEnde. TB is very prevalent within the homeless community because they tend to have weakened immune systems. ‘We want to stress there is no threat to the public at large since infection with TB requires prolonged, at least six hours of sharing air in an enclosed space,’ said VanderEnde.”

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